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551 Grand Street, New York, New York 10002
Phone: +1 212-431-5562 Fax: +1 212-966-5673


Artistic Director: Michael Novak
Rehearsal Director: Bettie de Jong
Rehearsal Director: Andy LeBeau
Rehearsal Director: Cathy McCann

Production Manager/Lighting Supervisor: Robert Brown
Production Stage Manager / Special Projects Producer: Stacey-Jo Marine
Wardrobe Supervisor: Clarion Overmoyer

Executive Director: John Tomlinson
Director of Finance: Sarah Schindler
Director of Development: Jenna Jacobs
Company Manager: Bridget Welty
Director of Operations: Noah Aberlin
Director of Tour Engagements: Lisa Conlon
Director of Education: Carolyn Adams
Fundraising Counsel: Lucie Andre
Senior Development Associate: Dorcas Yip
Development Associate: Laura Halzack
Community Engagement Specialist: Amanda Stevenson
Director of Worldwide Licensing: Michael Trusnovec

Press Agent: Lisa Labrado
Orthopedic Specialist: David S. Weiss, MD, NYU Langone Health
Archival Consultant: Linda Edgerly, The Winthrop Group
Auditor: Michael Wallace, Lutz & Carr
Travel Agent: Michael Retsina, Altour

The Paul Taylor Dance Foundation comprises the Paul Taylor Dance Company, Paul Taylor American Modern Dance, The Taylor School, The Taylor Archives and the administrative operations of Mr. Taylor’s work. For additional information, you may e-mail us at