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Summer Intensive


Dallas, TX:  June 15 – June 26 – CANCELLED
Los Angeles, CA:  June 15 – June 26 – VIRTUAL INTENSIVE – REGISTER NOW
Baltimore, MD:  July 12 – July 25 – CANCELLED
New York, NY:  July 13 – August 7 – CANCELLED

The Taylor Tradition
Come join one of our amazing Summer Dance Intensives!
Whether investigating everyday movement with breathtaking beauty or reminding us that we are not as far removed from our prehistoric ancestors as we like to think, Paul Taylor has riveted audiences with matchless inventiveness and astonishing poignancy for nearly 60 years. He continues to be as prolific as ever, having recently completed his 146th work. Time hails him as “the reigning master of modern dance” while Vanity Fair calls him “the greatest choreographer in the world,” and the dance world regards him as a living legend.

Having created the masterful 3 Epitaphs in 1956, he captivated dance goers in 1962 with his virile grace in the landmark Aureole. After retiring as a performer in 1975 he devoted himself fully to choreography, and classics poured forth: EsplanadeCloven KingdomAirsArden CourtLost, Found and LostLast LookRosesMusical OfferingCompany BPiazzolla CalderaPromethean FireBeloved Renegade… and dozens more.

The Taylor Intensives and You
For nearly three decades, The Taylor School has been a premier training ground for modern dance technique and the best place on earth to study Taylor style and repertoire. The Taylor Intensives have achieved distinction by virtue of outstanding faculty members – distinguished Taylor dancers and alumni – and the exceptional personal attention given to each student. With Taylor dances now in the repertoire of many renowned companies around the world in addition to those of the Paul Taylor Dance Company, it is vital for dancers seeking a place in today’s dance world to know Taylor style and repertoire. The Intensives provide that opportunity – come learn from the masters!