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What Reviewers Say

“Mr. Taylor proves himself the greatest choreographer alive.” — New York Times

“One of the most singular and searching imaginations of our time.” — New York Times

“A sure slice of heaven.” Time Out New York

“Paul Taylor Dance Company is perhaps the most beloved and respected modern dance company in the world, famous for Mr. Taylor’s wit, its sunny expansiveness, its all-American optimism and its occasional forays into darkness and gloom.” Dallas Morning News

“Paul Taylor’s dancers are so terrific, you don’t know who’s luckier — they to have him or him to have them.” The World of Dance, WQXR

“America’s most magnificent dancing machine performing America’s most deeply communicative and wildly theatrical modern dance.” San Francisco Examiner

“In a post 9/11 world, many artists are trying to come to terms with the human tragedy and the subsequent changes that have occurred in our Western world. Capturing the Zeitgeist of the early 21st Century is a challenging task. After nearly half a century of choreographing, Paul Taylor rises to the challenge with such ease, it is awe inspiring. He has led his company into the millennium, presenting world class dance that distinctly touches the pulse of time…. Taylor’s work not only communicates on an intellectual level, it touches the human soul. In a world that is struggling to find its feet, the emotional undercurrent of fear mixed with optimism unites most of the international community. Connecting with this emotion, Taylor is speaking the language of our time.”

“One of the most exciting, innovative, and delightful dance companies in the entire world.” New York Times

“The American spirit soars whenever Taylor’s dancers dance.” San Francisco Chronicle

“One of the most intelligent, stylish and physically magnificent dance troupes we have.” New York Magazine

“Paul Taylor Dance Company dazzles the eye and lightens the heart.” The Detroit News

“The most inventive and versatile choreographer alive today… One of the few indisputably great dance companies in the world.” New York Post

“The Paul Taylor Dance Company, led by a wizard, shows monumental taste in everything it does.” Montreal Gazette

“Among the pleasures of modern dance, it remains particularly gratifying to fall, night after night, under Mr. Taylor’s spell.” New York Sun

“Paul Taylor is the reigning master of modern dance.” Time Magazine

“Taylor, one of the most astute social observers in any art form, has a knack for taking the dominant dance form of an era and… twisting it into a commentary on the people and their lives.” Washington Post

“Taylor’s emphasis on emotion within actual movement, the rhythmic vitality of his accents, his all-American youthfulness and optimism, all have set standards for American dance.” San Francisco Examiner & Chronicle

“Paul Taylor is an icon and will live forever as one of the greatest dance figures of the ages.” Berkshire Eagle

“The supreme man of the stage in contemporary dance.” Danceview Times