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The Paul Taylor Dance Company performs across the country and throughout the world. In 2012 it moved its annual New York City season to the David H. Koch Theater at Lincoln Center, where it enjoyed a triumphant three-week engagement that shattered its previous box office records.

“No other choreographer covers such a wide palette as Mr. Taylor, from the lovely, warmly human to the terrifyingly grotesque to everything between those two poles. And he frequently packs a wicked sense of humor. The range of emotions is extraordinary, full of vitality and, considering the sensitive nature of some of his themes, remarkably free of any kind of ‘message.’ …Such masterpieces as Mr. Taylor’s Esplanade, Cloven Kingdom, Arden Court, Company B, Sunset and Musical Offering are among the dance world’s most important treasures, and the chance to see works of this caliber from a living artist is too precious to miss.” – Jean Battey Lewis, Washington Times