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551 Grand Street, New York, New York 10002
Phone: +1 212-431-5562 Fax: +1 212-966-5673

Artistic Director: Paul Taylor

Rehearsal Director: Bettie de Jong
Assistant to the Artistic Director: Andy LeBeau
Associate Rehearsal Director: Michael Trusnovec
Principal Lighting Designer: Jennifer Tipton
Principal Lighting Designer: James F. Ingalls
Principal Set & Costume Designer: Santo Loquasto
Principal Set & Costume Designer: William Ivey Long
Taylor 2 Rehearsal Director: Ruth Andrien
Taylor School Director: Raegan Wood

Production Manager/Lighting Supervisor: Robert Brown
Wardrobe Supervisor: Clarion Overmoyer
Stage Manager: Katherine Houff
Taylor 2 Production Manager: Joel Soren

Executive Director: John Tomlinson
Chief Development Officer: Carmel Owen
Director of Finance: Sarah Schindler
Director of Marketing and Public Relations: Lisa Labrado
Director of Tour Engagements: Tim Robinson
Director of Institutional Relations: Catherine Mikić
Company Manager: Bridget Welty
Administrator and Archival Supervisor: Tom Patrick
Deputy Director of Development: Jenna Jacobs
Senior Development Associate: Dorcas Yip
Executive Assistant: Noah Aberlin
Administrative Assistant: Christopher Senquiz

Strategic Operations: Bruce Fagin
Communications Consultant: Alan Olshan
Information Technology: Andy LeBeau

Taylor 2 Tour Booking: Jeannette Gardner, Gardner Arts Network
Advertising: Laspata DeCaro
Archival Consultant: Linda Edgerly, The Winthrop Group
Auditor: Michael Wallace, Lutz & Carr
Orthopedic Specialist: David S. Weiss, M.D.
Travel Agent: Michael Retsina, Altour
Mr. Taylor’s Transportation: Will Coloma

The Paul Taylor Dance Foundation comprises the Paul Taylor Dance Company, Paul Taylor American Modern Dance, Taylor 2 Dance Company, The Taylor School, The Taylor Archives and the administrative operations of Mr. Taylor’s work. For additional information, you may e-mail us at